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Galaxy Unicorn : 15 Unique Facts
October 10, 2020

Galaxy Unicorn : 15 Unique Facts

8 min read

Unicorn galaxies interest you a lot ? Discover 15 unique facts about unicorns from space in this complete article on the subject. Why wouldn't there be a clear answer about the existence of extraterrestrial unicorns that came to Earth with the mission to make the world prettier and to give happiness to all the children who believe in their existence !

We cover all the topics that people love about the Galactic Unicorn ! Find all the most interesting facts, for children and adults alike! You'll love to discover all the mystery behind it and all the activities you can do to pay tribute to the space unicorn. Unique demonstrations if you want to find a good activity to do between mother and daughter.

What Is a Galaxy Unicorn

A Unicorn Galaxy is a being coming from far away and who possesses faculties of interstellar travel in order to cross worlds and dimensions. The Unicorns have a very complex history and it all goes back to the ancient facts of Pegasus The Winged Horse, who, according to the story, was transformed into a Constellation that we can see today on a beautiful starry night. The history of the Unicorns goes back a long way and a lot of facts focus on belonging to the ancient religions and talk about the Unicorn and space, that's why it is called the Unicorn Galaxy !

What is Galaxy Unicorn ?

You thus understand that beyond the appearances really kawaii of the unicorn galaxy, you can find a very complex history on the subject. And if it interests you, we advise you to go to read the complete article. This being said, everyone loves unicorns that come from the galaxy, that's why we are going to talk and make a complete summary on everything that people like when they are looking for the connection with the unicorns of space !

Galaxy Unicorn Room : The Best of Decoration

You can find a lot of different decorations when you want to have the ultimate kawaii unicorn decoration from space. Adapt your home and discover the best products to feel like you are in space with your best friends the unicorns.

If you want to have a wall decoration, you must get Unicorn Curtains, as well as wallpaper agreed to feed the decoration of the room. (Take wallpaper of color blue night preferably) You can also have different frames and this time focus on the artistic side of the room by adding paintings and all forms of drawing work.

If you wish from now on to accentuate the decoration from a point of view "art of life" with much more interpretation of the unicorn in your room, we advise you to obtain a unicorn lamp, as well as cuddly toys to be positioned in a strategic corner of your room.

Galaxy Unicorn Room : The Best of Decoration

Small Bonus : If your child saves his pocket money every month, we advise you to offer him a Unicorn Piggy Bank, which will be perfect for saving his money!
It's time to change the beds, and there to add the final semi-final touch, you need to get Unicorn Galaxy Duvet Covers and Cushions to change the design of the bed as well. Don't hesitate to get a Unicorn Blanket too, it could be very useful.

For the Floor we advise you to get a Unicorn Galaxy Rug.
And finally, the final touch will consist in adding galaxy stickers everywhere so that the room is correctly finished and that the decoration of the galaxy unicorn is present everywhere !

How To Make Galaxy Unicorn Cake

Wondering how to make a delicious galaxy cake to devour between mother and daughter ? We'll explain how to make it in just a few steps !

To make a beautiful galaxy unicorn cake, you will need a lot of ingredients. The design is simple, just repeat the steps to get a perfect function and a really good cake !

Ingredient of Unicorn Galaxy Cake

- 2 Cake Boards Parchment paper

Gel Colorings :

  • Black (I used Americolor Super Black)
  • Violet (I used Americolor Violet)
  • Royal Blue (I used Wilton)
  • Pink (I used Americolor Electric Pink)
  • Red (I used Americolor RedRed)

For the Chocolate Ganache :

  • Baking chocolate chips (I use Hershey’s)
  • 1/2 cup Heavy Cream 
  • 1/2 cup All-Vegetable Shortening (Crisco) Squeeze bottle - optional

We provide you with a perfect and very detailed video to explain you very easily how to make your first unicorn galaxy cake. Make it a success !

Rainbow Galaxy Unicorn

If you ever go exploring in our vast universe, you will most certainly find galaxy rainbow unicorns, which are beings that fart around and leave rainbows lying around, it allows them to move very fast in order to cross worlds, dimensions and time !

Rainbow Galaxy Unicorn

Contrary to what one can think, the rainbow unicorns of space are very powerful. They are protectors of peace in the universe and have really incredible powers. They are the saviours of the children, and come on earth to recharge their batteries and defend the planet from the bad guys !

We have selected for you the most beautiful galaxy rainbow unicorn design. You will be able to put them as wallpaper, or simply adopt objects that will be useful in your daily life !

Galaxy Unicorn Dab

It is very frequent to meet unicorns galaxy which dab. Indeed, it represents the power of our brand. Dabbing Unicorn was born from the firm will to unite all the passions for unicorns through one. The Rainbow Unicorn that dabbing also does it in space, that's why it has colors of all kinds.

We have many different designs to represent the Galaxy Unicorn that dab, but we have one in particular that will be very useful to you, you will be able to see all the potential of our brand. Our motto is "Unite all children who are passionate about Unicorns" ! Count on your friend the unicorn qui dab to bring you joy and happiness !

dabbing unicorn galaxy

Join the Team Dabbing Unicorn now and participate in unique contests reserved for all children and adults of this world. You will discover a tightly knit community ! Join Dabbing Unicorn and discover thousands of products for Unicorn fans !

Feel free to join our Ambassador Team on Instagram, you can promote unicorn items and earn money to build a cash flow for your future. La Licorne qui Dab also looks after your wallet so join the community and let children around the world join it with your support !

How To Draw Galaxy Unicorn

You will discover through this tutorial how to draw a galaxy unicorn donut. We are also going to list you what you need to make a beautiful drawing of the galaxy unicorn ! You will be able to customize the donut, do whatever you want, anything goes !
To make all that you will need :

  • A Pencil
  • Compass
  • Color Pencil
  • A Black Felt
  • Eraser

Don't hesitate to draw your trains with a simple pencil and then redo your lines with the black felt pen. You can make mistakes and erase your drawing to get it done correctly !

How to Make Galaxy Unicorn Slime

Galaxy Unicorn Poop

Galaxy unicorn poop is very different from rainbow poop. Indeed, the galaxy unicorn is able to make really nice poops with a well-made face. Have you ever seen galaxy unicorn poop ? We will show you different unicorn poop designs for you to build your own opinion !

( Photo )

So, do you also think that this unicorn poop is really too kawaii with the space color on it ? Please tell yourself that galaxy poop cushions exist and have the same design. You will be able to have a plush unicorn poop with a design straight from space and the universe !

Galaxy Unicorn Hair

If you also want to color your hair, you must make the right choice and ask your doctor for advice. Before you do any colouring, check to see if you have any allergies to the colouring products that the hairdressers are going to put on your hair.
( Photo )
So don't hesitate to ask before you do anything. However, we have been able to study different cases and can assure you that if your hair color is done properly, your hair will look very pretty naturally. Many people have these colors, they are warm, pretty and are in the recommended color range to look like a galaxy unicorn and have the same hair !
( Photo )
The Real Look of Princesses 2020 : It's true that the years are advancing and fashion styles are more and more evolved. If you too want a radical transformation of your hair, you can choose this dye, it's pretty, unique and high in color, it will be perfect to follow with your new person, your new look and your new choices !

Galaxy Unicorn Ice Cream

Have you ever tasted a galaxy unicorn class ? In addition to having a beautiful design, the ice cream will be perfect for tasting. You will have a sublime taste with many different flavors. In fact, you can very well have a chocolate ice cream that looks like a galaxy unicorn ice cream. Everything comes from the coloring you choose to make your ice cream.

Be careful (choose very well your dyes, check that they are good qualities before preparing your ice cream. )

What do you need to make a galaxy unicorn ice cream ?

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1, 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Wilton gel coloring in black, violet, royal blue, and pink
  • A variety of space-like sprinkles

( photo )

Galaxy Unicorn Face Paint

Discover different unicorn makeup to do at home, you can do Makeup activities with your family to make you look like real galaxy unicorns! We are going to show you different designs to make at home. Don't hesitate and transform yourself for an exceptional result !

( Photo )

If you wish to make you a make-up unicorn galaxy. It is necessary for you to respect certain stages and process to have the perfect make-up. First of all, you must privilege the blue night as well as the purple, do not hesitate to put white stars on your face to resemble at best a unicorn galaxy. You can also buy a horn of unicorn to complete at most your costume.
Do not hesitate to use eyeliner to complete the make-up under your eyes.

( Bonus ) You can also add rainbows on your face, the rendering is beautiful and it will add color !

Galaxy Unicorn Tattoo

Discover a maximum of tattoo unicorn galaxy to make you the best possible idea on your future tattoo. You are a big fan of unicorn ? Then, discover unique and varied designs to find your happiness among the good number of choices proposed! Man and Woman, you find your favorite tattoos of unicorn galaxy !

( Photo )

Don't forget that the category " Temporary Tattoo " is on our website, you can easily find the design that suits you, try it and adapt it!

Do Galaxy Unicorn Exist ?

To know if galaxy unicorns really exist, we will look at the history of antiquity, even before that. Did you know that the unicorn did indeed live on earth, and this was 26,000 years ago. Men called it "The Unicorn of Siberia", which looked much more like a rhinoceros than a unicorn. However, the Unicorn appeared in Greek myths (Pegasus), as well as other populations around the world. You can also see the "Qilin Unicorn" which is more perceived as a form of Thunder God.

The Unicorn also appears in the Christian religion, it is in several works which speak about it rather as a companion of the man. The Unicorn is born in many different myths and tales, you can have all its sources in our blog.

To find out if the Galaxy Unicorn exists, we will have to look at the antiquity and adventures of the God Zeus ! To simplify, Pegasus was transformed by the father of all into a constellation, that's why we associate it in many different designs with a unicorn in space, all this would have for existence the adventures of the Winged Horse ! We can thus conclude that the galaxy unicorn potentially exists, through the stories of Pegasus !

The Best Galaxy Unicorn Wallpaper

We have selected for you the most beautiful galaxy unicorn wallpaper, enjoy and choose your favorite.

We now present our top 9 galaxy unicorn wallpapers !

This Article is now finished, do not hesitate to give your opinion in the comment space, it is open for that. We approached all the most important subjects concerning the galaxy unicorn. Do not hesitate to visit the store, you will find various and varied products in the universe of the unicorn. See you soon !

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