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Kawaii Unicorn : The Best Of Cute Unicorn
October 11, 2020

Kawaii Unicorn : The Best Of Cute Unicorn

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Kawaii unicorns are for children a complete source of happiness and love. They are very cute and have an incredible beauty, all children love them. But where do they come from ? How is the kawaii unicorn so famous today ? We are going to explain everything to you in this complete article.

We will cover all the topics that people love about the kawaii unicorn. You will see many different things. History, passion and hobbies come together to explain to you what a kawaii unicorn is. Are you ready ? Here we go !

What Is a Kawaii Unicorn

A Kawaii Unicorn is a simple denomination made by children. In fact, a kawaii unicorn is supposed to be very pretty like the Dabbing Unicorn. But it also has artistic features that define it as kawaii. In fact, a unicorn is already cute, it has all the advantages to sparkle in the eyes of all the children of the world and more particularly the girls, you will be able to see images of kawaii unicorns everywhere even if we are going to show them to you all the same.

Are Kawaii Unicorns real ? Discussed in various articles, we had shown why it was possible that the unicorn was born on Earth. However, it was not shaped like a kawaii unicorn, but more like a rhinoceros. Indeed, the kawaii unicorn is used more for the marketing of products on unicorns to allow the children to make a beautiful image of unicorns.

You can often find pictures of kawaii unicorn in cartoon format. Indeed, it is by the means of the drawing that the cute unicorns were born. You will find many series or movies showing unicorns with childish design to please the large community of girls who love unicorns. But don't be fooled, a real unicorn can be very kawaii when it wants to be, especially for eating rainbows ! :)

We propose a lot of articles about Kawaii Unicorns, you will find stuffed animals, stickers, clothes, jewelry, etc... So if you or your child are big fans of the Kawaii Unicorn, we invite you in our big community or the Dabbing Unicorn to choose quality products for your happiness !

How To Draw Kawaii Unicorn

You wish to know how to draw a kawaii unicorn. We will teach you in a few simple steps to create your first Unicorn. But before that, you need some tools in order to realize your drawing correctly.

  • A Pencil
  • A Black Felt
  • One Rule
  • Color Pencils
  • An Eraser
  • A Single Sheet

Step 1 : Draw first lines

To begin with, it's very simple. You have to draw two circles that don't have a perfectly rounded shape, you have to create an extension on your circles to make the body and the head of the unicorn.

You have to draw a circle horizontally to make the body of the unicorn and draw a second circle above at an angle to make the head of the unicorn !

Step 2 : Start Face Features

This step is relatively simple. You have to draw two lines with a point on the top of the face and on the bottom.

Step 3 : Draw the kawaii unicorn face

To do this, you must first draw a small smile on the bottom of the unicorn's face. Make a simple line rounded in an arc to have the most beautiful unicorn smile possible !

Make a big dot on the left side of the unicorn's face in order to draw its nose, do not hesitate to leave two small holes to make the nostrils.
It is time to make an arc of circle upside down in order to draw a simple eye to the unicorn. You can draw the eye which is appropriate to you, do as you wish!

It is time to make his horn to your unicorn, make two lines which meet upwards, it is not very complicated to make. Do not forget to also connect the two lines at the bottom with a mini arc of circle in order to give dimension to your horn.

Make the ears, so draw two lines that meet upwards, the left line must have a curve to make the relief of the ear. Are you finished ? Make a small line right in the middle of the ear to create this time the inside of the ear by drawing shapes !

Step 4 : It's time to make a queue at your Unicorn

In this step, we will first of all start to make a neck by making a simple line that connects the head and the body.

To make the tail, you have to make two strokes, the upper one will be a wave down, and the lower one will also be a wave connecting the upper stroke. Start by drawing the upper line.

Make the hair of the tail by drawing a simple line in the middle !

Step 5 : Make him a beautiful Hair

Make a beautiful hair to your unicorn. To do this, you must draw your first line just before the edge of the unicorn's skull. Make cross the line through the horn, after the line is beyond the head of your unicorn, make it fall down to its back.

Then make two strokes after the unicorn's ear to join the main hairline. Do not forget to make a line in the middle to draw the inside of the hair of your unicorn !

Step 6 : Draw him paws !

This step is very simple, to do this you must draw four lines on the bottom of your unicorn. Two on the left and two on the right. On your four legs, only two must have a rounded shape on the top, it will be your main legs !

Once your lines are made, connect the whole and do not hesitate to draw hooves on the bottom of the legs of your unicorn !

Last Step : Color your kawaii unicorn

No matter what colors you use, you are free to choose the colors of your future unicorn. However, we still put you a support so that you know what your unicorn will look like with colors !

Kawaii Unicorn Coloring Page

Discover the best kawaii unicorn coloring page to draw right now. Looking for an activity that your child can do ? Print now beautiful coloring page for your child with a kawaii unicorn design !

You will be able to spend hours drawing different unicorn designs, you will see, you have put the most beautiful coloring page for your child. Selected by children and for children. The kawaii unicorn coloring pages are high quality, no hassle is tolerated when drawing unicorn coloring pages ! Your child will love to spend hours making the most beautiful unicorn designs !

Cartoon Kawaii Unicorn

Here we will show you our top 3 kawaii unicorns with a cartoon design to please your children. Do you want to draw the designs that we show you ? No problem, print it and do it on paper.
( photo )
The Kawaii Unicorn in Cartoon format is very pretty. Often represented by a Baby Unicorn, the designs are very pretty and often appeal to girls who are quite young. Different designs have been created and we know that the cartoon has different ways to draw it, however, we have put together the most beautiful kawaii unicorn designs to please you and your child !

Kawaii Unicorn Cupcake

You want to make a beautiful cupcake in the shape of unicorn? We have selected for you the best video to prepare the most beautiful kawaii unicorn cake.

A passion between mother and daughter, you can easily prepare a beautiful cake with your child or your parent. If you want to know more, click on the video !

Kawaii Unicorn Face

You also wish to adopt a kawaii unicorn make-up ? We are going to show you all the best unicorn makeup designs so that you have a beautiful unicorn transformation. We would like to specify that you must use ORGANIC products and do everything to avoid chemicals that some stores sell on the market !
( photo )
We are going to show you magnificent people having drawn on their faces kawaii unicorns. You will be able to easily reproduce them to have a complete unicorn transformation. You also wish to look like a real kawaii unicorn? Then make an activity mother-daughter or you can be two twins unicorns kawaii, it will be very amusing to make you.

Kawaii Unicorn Cat

Did you know that the unicorn and the cat marry very well together. The unicorn is a being of light with a lot of love and beauty in the world of children. Whereas the cat collects love to him to give some better. They are both wise beings able to travel in the universe and in space to make incredible meetings. But what about the unicorn cat ? Is it a metamorphosis, or is it a fusion between these two magic animals ?

In fact the unicorn kawaii cat is a fusion of a unicorn and a cat. It is from there that was born the unicorn cat able to give a maximum of love and happiness to its entourage. You have a cat ? Maybe one day it will turn into a Unicorn cat kawaii to have the best pet of all time.

Kawaii Baby Unicorn

Did you know that the kawaii unicorn has many children ? Unicorns that keep their baby shape for a very long time ! A perfect mix between a baby and a unicorn gives a beautiful kawaii unicorn really too cute. You have a lot of cuddly toys that look like a baby unicorn, available on our online store, have a look !

We will present you the most beautiful designs of baby unicorn kawaii, draw them, dream about them, they are very good protector like Cupid ! Make love, baby unicorns are the best friends in the world, always there to cheer you up, so do not hesitate to look at the most beautiful designs of baby unicorn kawaii to get an idea of their appearance !

Kawaii Unicorn Potato

Have you ever seen a kawaii unicorn transformed into a Potato ? Legend has it that a witch living in a faraway forest fought a merciless battle with many unicorns. The witch indeed wanted to steal the power of the unicorns and to make them slaves to open a large unicorn circus where they are ridiculed and mistreated.

The unicorns fought and succeeded in obtaining their freedom by stealing the magic collar of the witch as well as her stick. To take revenge, she transformed 10 unicorns into a magic potato. However, she could not go to the end of her spell, she had no more artifact to complete the transformation. The Potato Unicorns were thus born at that moment and since then, they have not stopped procreating. That's why today the kawaii potato unicorns were born in baby form !

In spite of the years, the unicorns kawaii potato could never get rid of the magic of the witch, they always seek a solution to their curse really cute ! If you have a solution, don't hesitate to give us your opinion in the comment space.

Kawaii Unicorn Rainbow

We have collected for you the most beautiful images of rainbow unicorn really kawaii. The Unicorn has an incredible power, that of being able to eat rainbows and to have direct returns on their bodies. A lot of Internet users have put themselves in mind to draw kawaii rainbow unicorns, it is thanks to them that we could have so many images to present you !

If you also like very much the kawaii unicorns, especially those made of rainbow, you will love to discover products related on our online store, do not hesitate to make a tour on the site, you will be able to find splendid object of rainbow unicorn !

If you want to know more about the unicorn and the rainbow, we invite you to read our complete article on the rainbow unicorn, you will find all the necessary information to know a maximum of it.

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