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Rainbow Unicorn : All You Need To Know
September 07, 2020

Rainbow Unicorn : All You Need To Know

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Do you know why the rainbow unicorn has become so viral and no matter where we go, we can always hear about it ? Between the Rainbow Cacas and the importance that the Unicorn has taken in all this, we can easily associate them together, we are going to reveal everything about the secrets between these two partners, and why we associate one with the other systematically. You will find all the reasons why it is so symbolic and above all why it fills the hearts of all children !

Rainbow Unicorn Exhale

Divided into several parts, all necessary reasons will be revealed. Moreover, we will put forward pretty pictures of rainbow unicorn and the power that it represents on us and on you. Dabbing Unicorn is herself a Rainbow Unicorn, and wishes to make all her customers loyal and happy, no matter the age and no matter the place, she will come to see you. If you have been wise, she will undoubtedly reward you with nice gifts ! We are going to explain you everything you need to know about the magical Rainbow Unicorn. Are you Ready ?

Unicorn Rainbow Poop

The Rainbow Unicorn Poops fascinates many people, indeed, many people don't understand why a unicorn poops with so much color. We explained all this in our article on What Unicorns Eat. To summarize, the unicorn is able to eat rainbows, that's why we show their excrement under this aspect. Rainbows are not toxic for it and actually, they are the only ones who can eat them.

You know all the Unicorn Cacas, which are fruity and look like a real rainbow. That's because they love them and eat them every day. And then, we can honestly say it, it's always fun to see a multicolored Poop, it gives more life to the drawing and illustrations of a unicorn. You can even make cakes out of it, with the right coloring, you will strongly appreciate rainbow poop cakes, but we'll talk about that later. 

Unicorn Rainbow Fart

Unicorn Rainbow Fart

After talking about the Unicorn Cacas, you might want to know that the Unicorn Rainbow Fart is just as impressive. A great theory has surfaced about Unicorn farts saying that they are capable of taking flight and releasing a cloud of rainbow gas into the air.

One could expect such a phenomenon since what they eat is made of the same material, the rest is all the more interesting because it expresses that the unicorn does not actually have the need to eat, it would therefore not possess an intestinal system capable of storing food.

According to the Theory, the Unicorn hardly a rainbow to eat would thus be able to fly away thanks to a magic fart coming from the unique colors and the taste that the rainbow has !

Unicorn Rainbow Vomit

 Rainbow Unicorn Vomit

Why do unicorns vomit rainbows as well ? Contrary to what the theory above may say, the theory of vomit is actually based on an intestinal digestive system. Because as you know, vomit can be associated with the fact that the food you eat is not good for your body.

The unicorn has the ability to vomit, but not to vomit in any way, it produces rainbow vomit when it eats it and it would therefore be out of pure greed for the good things that despite what it expects, it is always more and more eager to eat rainbow vomit for the simple reason that it is very good for it !

 Unicorn Rainbow Vomit

You think you know everything about unicorn vomit ? Know that her vomit is not the same as ours. The Unicorn has extraordinary visual abilities, that is to say that when she sees the rainbow, the unicorn actually has much more color in her visual field than ours. She therefore does not see it at all the same color, hers is better than ours, because it has more fruity tastes !

Unicorn Rainbow Hair

We are not going to talk here about a possible haircut for unicorns, but about you and the decision you are going to make for the unique beauty of your hair. We are going to show you the most beautiful hairstyles made with dye for really beautiful hair. Different tastes and colors because yes, you will be able to have your own color positioning and your own panel if you wish! You will be able to make your choice among the large number of photos that we are going to show you.

If you want to get into the adventure of hair dyeing, we advise you to take a good look if it is okay to refer to your parents if you are underage. For the opposite case, go see a professional so that he can guarantee you if you can color your hair this way !

Unicorn Rainbow Hair

We know many stars who have opted for a rainbow unicorn hairstyle. We think in particular of 6ix9ine which has hair of all colors and which made its success grow. Many people also put dyes in their hair, we see many women especially adopted this color that is all the rage among young people.

If you also want to have multicolored hair, we advise you to use organic hair dyes and not dangerous for the hair. You will also have to pay attention to the hairstyle that you will adopt. I.e. to check on many different photos what rainbow hair does.
We have prepared especially for you a multitude of unicorn hair that different people wear to have a special new style year 2020! As the years go by, so does the fashion and comes with new styles for men.

Unicorn Rainbow Hair
You are very lucky, because we have prepared for you the most beautiful pictures of people with rainbow unicorn hair, you will surely like it and you could choose the hairstyle that will suit you the most.
If you are a minor, we advise you to talk to your parents before making a big decision. Color abuse can be harmful to your health and creates colouring problems, especially in your hair, so be careful. Without further ado, we present you with the most beautiful rainbow unicorn hairstyles that have unprecedented charm !

Perfect Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Party

You know, to organize the best unicorn-themed birthday party, it's nice to have all the accessories you need to make sure you and your guests have the best time having fun. You have various objects to take to your child to make his party a great success in his eyes and in the eyes of his girlfriends. If all children are unicorn fans, you can be sure that everyone will have a great time in a magical world where partying, fun and enjoyment will be the order of the day.

Rainbow Candy

If you want to organize all this, we advise you our Unicorn Birthday Party collection where you will find all the necessary accessories for a good party. You must take :

  • Unicorn Plates
  • Make a Unicorn Cake
  • Hang decorations on unicorn walls
  • Having a Unicorn Pinata
  • Confettis in the shape of Unicorn
  • Horn Shapes for all guests
  • And unicorn games if your child is young enough. ( 0 to 8 years old )

And here you have all the necessary accessories for the good progress of your daughter's birthday on the theme of Unicorns, do not hesitate to make a small gift to your child. Our Boutique offers you a multitude of diverse and varied products that will be the ideal gift for a girl's birthday !

Unicorn Rainbow Meme

Unbelievable meme have seen their appearance on the internet. You had the Nyan Cat, Memes on series and characters. But the one we are interested in today is the Unicorn Meme, which are very numerous and very funny. We let you appreciate by yourself this incredible art of humor towards rainbow unicorns !

Unicorn Rainbow Meme

Rainbow Unicorn Meme Funny

Rainbow Unicorn Meme Vs


Unicorn Rainbow Ice Cream

If you want to make a good rainbow unicorn ice cream, you must mainly have coloring or mix several fruits to have the texture of rainbow ice cream. Do this in the presence of an adult and pay attention to the details that will follow, we will explain how to make a good rainbow ice cream !

Unicorn Rainbow Nails

You want to make a big change on your nails and you would like to decorate them with all colors ? We have the solution for you. The transformation of our nails is more and more part of our society. Being colorful is very sympathetic to the visual and allows you to wear styles that are very different from the normal. You want to look like a real Unicorn ? You have two solutions that present themselves to you. Either you do it yourself (we will talk about it).

Unicorn Rainbow Nails

You can directly use false nails, which will allow you to have the most beautiful style with your girlfriends. You are lucky, because we propose precisely false nails unicorn rainbow ! You will be conquered by all these colors that you will be able to put very easily on your nails. Discover the Unicorn Rainbow Nails collection now and use your charms to seduce everyone with elegance!

Well, back to our unicorns. If you want to have your own multicolored nails, you must have a good hygienic preparation, we recommend you not to use just any product to achieve a conclusive result.

Unicorn Nails Rainbow

We will always redirect you to an ORGANIC product that has very few chemicals. Once you have chosen your beauty products, you will need a brush in order to prepare the designs meticulously. If it is too complicated for you to get a real result, get your fake unicorn nails, you won't be disappointed. We have prepared for you the most beautiful photos of rainbow nail design !

Unicorn Rainbow Game ( Robot Unicorn Attack )

Have you ever played a real unicorn game capable of making you feel new game sensations ? You don't know Rainbow Unicorn Attack? We'll tell you about it so you can really get to know this masterpiece of children's video game. It's a flash game that was conceived a long time ago and that has very little evolved graphics. You are going to control a unicorn which jumps from mountain to mountain and catches flying objects in the way. You will be able to move the whole thing with your keyboard. The goal is not to fall, to have the right timing to jump the flying platforms and to finish the race no matter what.

Rainbow Unicorn Game

This is a perfect game if you want to have a good time on video games. We had to talk about this amazing game because all unicorn fans have already played it. It is not your case? You will enjoy it, it's a fascinating game for children and very difficult even for adults so don't waste your time and come and play Rainbow Unicorn Attack, the best unicorn game for children and adults.

Rainbow Unicorn Face Paint

You want to paint your face to look like a real rainbow unicorn ? Find out how you can do it, we will explain all the steps to finally have the makeup done with perfection. We will also show you several different designs so that you can choose between many different faces and paints to turn you into a real rainbow unicorn !

Rainbow Unicorn Face Paint

Discover the most beautiful rainbow unicorn makeup with the following pictures. You can have many different designs to choose what suits you best. If you want to make a nice unicorn makeup, we advise you to read our complete article on how to make a Unicorn makeup, you will discover all the tips to have a successful makeup !

Unicorn Rainbow Gifts For Yours Kids

We have selected the most beautiful gifts you can offer your child. We have created a small list of 10 items that will really be useful for your child and especially if she is a fan of unicorn and rainbows. The Little Fairytale World you want to create is very important, so you might as well choose the best gifts to offer !

  • The Unicorn Rainbow Shirt : It is part of our complete collection on all rainbow products. If you want to feed your child's wardrobe, we recommend this shirt which in summer is very pretty and your daughter will be delighted to wear it !
  • Unicorn Rainbow Wallet : She'll finally be able to put away her little pennies that she's been saving for the time you've been giving her. A wonderful tool for anyone's daily life. Made in the shape of Fluffy !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Mask : To have a rainbow unicorn mask is very nice and restful to be able to have an optimal sleep. You or your child had trouble sleeping, get a unicorn mask to make beautiful dreams !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Socks : Rainbow Socks are a great way to keep your feet warm while being accompanied by a magical unicorn design !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Mug : For all those difficult mornings and the desire to drink a good coffee in a design appropriate to his passion! Turn your coffee or hot chocolate into a real pleasure with the unicorn cup !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Onesie : If you want to buy a nice pyjama for your child, we advise you to have a rainbow unicorn shaped onesie for her to enjoy an unprecedented quality of sleep and comfort. If you too are interested in a unicorn onesie, we have our collection made for you !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Piggy Bank : It's the perfect accessory for your child to preciously put away the money you gave him to save little by little and build up a real fortune thanks to his protective friend the rainbow unicorn !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Slippers : Want to spend entire evenings in your rainbow unicorn slippers? Comfortable and soft are the fluffy slippers !
  • Rainbow Unicorn Hoodie : A dress style at the top and a gift that will be perfect if you want to offer a pretty unicorn black sweater !
  • Rainbow Unicorn KeyChain : The best KeyChain for kids key with the best design for girls !

Unicorn Rainbow Tattoo

You want to get a nice rainbow unicorn tattoo, but don't know which design you will choose. Come and see the impressive number of different designs you will be able to make a real choice. A tattoo lasts a lifetime so think carefully about the design you are going to make and don't hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor to find out if you are suitable for a tattoo.

Unicorn Rainbow Tattoo

A colorful Tattoo with the most beautiful rainbow unicorn design! We are now going to show you the most beautiful tattoos we have seen on the web, you will be able to choose one among all the available tattoos and show it to your tattoo artist so that he can make the necessary arrangements. The Arm, the Neck, the Back in short, each place of the body is suitable to install a pretty rainbow unicorn !

Tattoo Unicorn Rainbow

The Best Rainbow Unicorn Cartoon

You wish to see beautiful unicorn images in cartoon format. We were looking for you the most beautiful talents on the web with fabulous designs so that you too can see what rainbow unicorns look like made for children.

Unicorn Rainbow Cartoon
You will love the fact that these rainbow unicorns have impressive graphic features. We find that the designs were correctly done by the designers who did a real pro job. Without further ado, we will show you the most beautiful pictures selected by our team !

Unicorn Rainbow Best Friend

How To Draw Rainbow Unicorn ?

We are going to show you very simply how you will be able to draw a pretty rainbow unicorn in just a few steps. For that, you need a grey pencil, a ruler and colored pencils to be able to draw the unicorn in its entirety ! Are you ready to see all the steps to draw your rainbow unicorn at best ? Let's go !

Step 1 : Creating the Body

To do this, it's very simple, you just have to create a circle to make the whole body of the unicorn, and then re create a small circle inside the big circle and do it on the top !


Step 2 : Make the curves of the unicorn

Create the curvature of the unicorn by making a wave in the middle of the circle. You are already building everything on the unicorn!

Step 3 : It's time to erase some features

All the part to the right of the red line on the image above must be erased. Take the time to do this properly before proceeding to the next step of the drawing.

Step 4 : Draw the legs

To do this, you must create two strokes for each of the legs you draw. And the two legs must connect to the fact to make the unicorn's hoof.

When you draw the back legs, start from the principle that one of the strokes for the front leg is a main stroke for the back leg and that you just have to continue it to make the whole leg!

Step 5 : A little more eraser

Still a small effort, for this step, you just have to erase the top of the legs of the rainbow unicorn.

Step 6 : Draw him a Face

To do this, you will draw on the top of the skull a small ear with an arc of a circle in the first place that ends in an upward point, and another arc of a circle in the ear for him creates relief. To make the eyes, you just have to make a closed eyelid. To do this, draw a line in the shape of a banana and add lots of small dashes downwards. Make only one eye.


For the nose, just make two small filled circles on the right side of the face. And for the mouth, just one banana-shaped line will do.

It's time to get in line. To do this, draw a flame shape to the right that has small horns. Draw in three to make the end of the tail.

Step 7 : Draw him hair !

To make his hair, to make forms of peaks on the right and on the left, because yes the rainbow unicorn has hair in firecrackers! Do what you want with your hair, you are free to make him the cut you want !

Step 8 : The Horn of the Unicorn

Make the horn on the hair using a rounded line as a base and spike upwards. You can add lines in the horn to make a relief !

Step 9 : Color the Unicorn Rainbow !

You are at the last stage. It's time to color your unicorn, grab your crayons and choose the colors you want to see on your unicorn !

There you go, you know how to draw your own rainbow unicorn, you will be able to show your friends your talent in drawing !

The Best Rainbow Unicorn Coloring Pages

We have selected from thousands of different colorings, the best ones that you will be able to realize very easily with adapted colored pencils ! Add life to your unicorns with unicorn coloring pages !


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